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Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass Garden

Artificial grass or artificial turf is the best solution for all those who seek a quality decoration because it is safe, comfortable and versatile. Artificial grass is greener because it avoids the use of pesticides and chemicals used in the maintenance of natural grass, in addition it avoids the expense of millions of liters of water.



- We provide services throughout the country, so we have teams with a lot of experience and specialized in the installation of synthetic grass and in all kinds of environments, finding the best solution for your space at the lowest possible price.



- Norpavi professionals have been specifically trained and have many years of experience in the installation of synthetic / artificial turf. They know the latest techniques on the market to ensure the quality of their lawn.



- Artificial grass / artificial turf is guaranteed by factory with European certification and guaranteed installation, important detail for durable installations with results over the years.

- With the artificial turf save money and water as it is a recoverable investment in a short time in addition to enjoying a perfect turf in all seasons of the year.

Norpavi Ltd. is a company specializing in the supply and installation of synthetic grass / artificial grass and synthetic flooring, offering each customer a full service (key-in-hand) at the best price and quality of the market.


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