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Rubber floor

The synthetic safety floor is ideal for falling cushions, it consists of recycled rubber in order to cushion the falls according to EN1177, this standard regarding the safety required in playgrounds. The synthetic flooring also allows the practice of several sports exercises in a comfortable and safe way.


It is advisable that the safety floor is applied depending on the height of the equipment, ie the higher the structure of the equipment, the greater the thickness of the pavement.


Help the environment by installing in your space a rubber flooring that is made from 100% recycled rubber, thus making it environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, which does not harm human or animal health.

Ideal in the application in Playground / Terrace / Swimming Pool Surround.


Norpavi Ltd. is a company specializing in the supply and installation of synthetic grass / artificial grass and synthetic flooring, offering each customer a full service (key-in-hand) at the best price and quality of the market.


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