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Advantages of synthetic flooring

- Cushioning of fall of child and adult, thus avoiding traumatism.

- Non-slip even when wet, due to its surface roughness, allows braking, thus avoiding slippage, making it a safer pavement.

- Protection against fungi and bacteria thus allowing a place with a high degree of hygiene.

- Reduces fatigue compared to most hard floors due to their elasticity.

- Easy-to-clean and non-toxic flooring.

- Easy to install and minimum maintenance.

- It has a great permeability to water and air due to its porous structure, it dries quickly without leaving puddles.

- Ecological and comfortable.

- Noise absorption and high tensile strength.

- Resistant to adverse weather conditions.

- Good resistance to U.V.

Norpavi Ltd. is a company specializing in the supply and installation of synthetic grass / artificial grass and synthetic flooring, offering each customer a full service (key-in-hand) at the best price and quality of the market.


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